The First Ukrainian Diaspora Business Forum

The First Ukrainian Diaspora Business Forum

We would like to invite you to participate in the First Business Forum of the Ukrainian Diaspora and foreign friends of Ukraine, that will take place May 18-20 in Kyiv, Ukraine (at the Chamber’s building located at 33 Velyka Zhytomyrska St.), that is being held under the slogan “Ukrainians of the world – for Ukraine.”  

This Forum is taking place in accordance with the resolutions adopted by the VI International Forum of Ukrainians (that took place in Kyiv August 2016). The Forum is being organized by the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Ukrainian World Coordinating Council at the request of business circles in Ukraine and the global Ukrainian community, supported by the leadership of the Government of Ukraine, its ministries and departments and local governmental leaders and the active participation of civic and business structures of Ukraine and the Diaspora.

The Forum program includes a comprehensive plenary session that will be attended by the Government’s economic and fiscal agencies, main ministries and oblast state administrations. Forum participants will be welcomed by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman.

The Forum’s goal is to foster ties between Ukrainian business and Ukrainian businessmen abroad and patriots of Ukraine, to encourage the export of Ukrainian goods and services to external markets, to secure investments into Ukraine’s economy, including from Ukrainian labour migrants and Diaspora, to invite experienced managers from among the Ukrainian global community to share their practical knowledge and participate in the process of reforming Ukraine’s economy.

For the first time since Independence, the business people of Ukraine and Diaspora will have an opportunity to establish close working relations and discuss possible cooperation in the following spheres: informational consulting, investment innovation,  IT technologies, energy saving, agriculture, tourism, etc. Separate meetings will be held for each of these sections and a В2В dialogue is also planned. The program sets aside time for visiting enterprises (according to participants’ wishes) and cultural opportunities such as visiting historical memorials, theatre productions, art galleries, etc. (according to guests’ wishes).

The organizers expect the Forum will be a strong factor to stimulating Ukraine’s reform process and economic progress.

We are counting on the willingness of businessmen among the Ukrainian diaspora and friends of Ukraine to share their successful business experience in introducing new technologies, best management practices and marketing methods.

The Forum will result in the creation of a Working Group for cooperating with Ukrainians abroad that will be coordinated by the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the patronage of the Government of Ukraine.

Additional details are provided in the form accompanying this letter.

Dear countrymen, dear friends! We will be glad to welcome you in the land of your forefathers at this difficult time for Ukraine. We are confident that our long-term, fruitful and mutually-convenient cooperation will benefit Ukraine and your countries. Let us not stand aside at this time when we must stay strong, when our enemies seek to divide us, when Ukraine most needs your support on the path to creating a truly independent democratic and economically-mighty European state.

We’d like to take this opportunity to reiterate our respect and gratitude for your selfless work for Ukraine.

Glory to Ukraine and to Ukrainians of the world!