About UWCC

About UWCC

Ukrainian World Coordinating Council is an international organization that brings together community organizations of Ukrainian diaspora  in more than 40 countries.

UWCC was established in 1992 in Kyiv during the celebration of the first Anniversary of Independence of Ukraine at the first World Forum of Ukrainians in the presence of 3,000 delegates and guests.

Among the founders UWCC are Ukrainian World Congress, the Association of Ukrainians in Russia, numerous ukrainian public organizations in Ukraine and abroad.

For more than 24 years of activity UWCC held 6 World Forum of Ukrainians (every 4-5 years) in the presence of all previous Presidents of Ukraine (except Viktor Yanukovych), Prime Minister of Ukraine, members of the Ukrainian parliament.

UWCC main activities are:


  1. Cooperation between foreign Ukrainians and Ukrainian state.
  2. Defending the interests of migrant workers.
  3. Promotion of Ukrainian assocciations abroad in preserving their national identity (especially eastern diaspora).
  4. Help the development of Ukrainian education abroad.
  5. Coordination of cooperation between the Ukrainian Diaspora in humanitarian and cultural field.
  6. Protection of interests of Ukrainian ethnic minorities in Russia.
  7. Building through the mechanisms of public diplomacy powerful pro-Ukrainian lobby in the states of residence of Ukrainian communities.

Given the fact that the Ukrainian World Coordinating Council is the only organization in Ukraine, which systematically works with greatUkrainian  diaspora and labor migration.


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